What Causes Nystagmus Quizlet?


  1. What causes rotational nystagmus?
  2. What can cause spontaneous nystagmus?
  3. Can stress and anxiety cause nystagmus?
  4. What causes spontaneous nystagmus?
  5. What causes rebound nystagmus?
  6. What does rotational nystagmus mean?
  7. What triggers nystagmus?
  8. What substance causes nystagmus?
  9. Which drug causes nystagmus?
  10. Can nystagmus go away on its own?

What causes rotational nystagmus?

Disease affecting the vestibular organ in the inner ear causes an imbalance that leads to a mixed horizontal—torsional nystagmus, usually associated with vertigo. Disease affecting the central connections of the vestibular system, including the cerebellum, may cause several forms of nystagmus.

What can cause spontaneous nystagmus?

Spontaneous nystagmus denotes movement of the eyesmovement of the eyesEye movement includes the voluntary or involuntary movement of the eyes, helping in acquiring, fixating and tracking visual stimuli. A special type of eye movement, rapid eye movement, occurs during REM sleep.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Eye_movementEye movement - Wikipedia without a cognitive, visual or vestibular stimulus. Most commonly spontaneous nystagmus is caused by a vestibular imbalance. Normally, both vestibular nerves fire at a tonic rate. The two nerves input is subtracted centrally.

Can stress and anxiety cause nystagmus?

Nystagmus. According to the American Optometric Association, nystagmus is generally triggered by stress and overall fatigue.

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What causes spontaneous nystagmus?

What causes nystagmus? Jerk nystagmus usually results from diseases affecting the inner ear balance mechanisms or the back part of the brain (brainstem or cerebellum). Pendular nystagmus can result from brain diseases such as multiple sclerosis, but can be a congenital problem as well.

What causes rebound nystagmus?

Rebound nystagmus is a primary position nystagmus which is provoked by prolonged eccentric gaze holding. It appears after the eyes are returned to primary position.

What does rotational nystagmus mean?

Torsional (rotary) nystagmus refers to a rotary movement of the globe about its anteroposterior axis. Torsional nystagmus is accentuated on lateral gaze. Most nystagmus resulting from dysfunction of the vestibular system has a torsional component superimposed on a horizontal or vertical nystagmus.

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What triggers nystagmus?

Nystagmus is caused by a miscommunication between the eye and the brain and affects the way our brains interpret movement signals from the eye. Nystagmus is typically caused by brain injuries and is a result of brain damage. This eye condition may be referred to as “dancing eyes” because of the repetitive eye movement.

What substance causes nystagmus?

The most common cause of acquired nystagmus is certain drugs or medicines. Phenytoin (Dilantin) - an antiseizure medicine, excessive alcohol, or any sedating medicine can impair the labyrinth's function. Other causes include: Head injury from motor vehicle accidents.

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Which drug causes nystagmus?

Amphetamines. These drugs can cause blurred vision and visible changes in pupil size. They may also lead to nystagmus. The drugs include Molly, Ecstasy, MDMA, and more.

Can nystagmus go away on its own?

Nystagmus is usually temporary and resolves on its own or improves with time. Certain medications may be recommended to treat persistent nystagmus, but not all practitioners agree that these medications are effective or that their side effects outweigh their benefits.

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